Saturday 25 August 2012

III/67e RAA Tunisia

If nothing else, what I`ve always loved about the French Army is the ad-hoc nature of its columns and Groupe mobiles. The Tunisian battles are no exceptions with some excellent mixes of units allowing the wargamers to basically create anything he wants in the way of a battalion sized battlegroup.

IIIer groupe du 67e Regiment de Artillerie d`Afrique (III/67e RAA) were part of Sous-Groupe Carpentier south of Pont-du-Fahs in December 1942.

It consisted of three batterys -

1. 47mm anti-tank guns
2. 75mle1897 howitzers
3. 65mm mountain guns

Most of these have appeared before with one units or another, some have been cleaned/touched up for the scenarios.

No1 batterie
S&S 47mm & Latil tow, crews from a mix of Blitz, FAA & early War Miniatures, the second tow is an ancient Matchbox/Lesley di-cast Scammel converted to look like a French 1940 era truck.
No2 batterie
The `75s are EWM and SHQ, mixed crew, the T23 is Raventhorpe, the horse limber Imex, the other limber unknown (maybe Irregular?)
No3 batterie
65mm are Moonlite Modelwerks, mixed crew, the mules are B&B Miniatures (these are for movement markers for the tabletop)

A lovely eclectic mix :D

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