Thursday, 9 August 2012

Free French in the desert

Free French motor infantry company

A huge mix of figures with head-swops and minor conversions - Combat miniatures, Airfix & Matchbox plastics, SHQ, Dixons, Pascal Mahe, Tumbling Dice, Kellys heroes, Early War Miniatures.....

`75 montee

The gun has the cut-down shield mounted in a Chevrolet CC60L.

Gun by Early War Miniatures (modified), Truck from Moonlite, crew a mix of Combat Miniatures and Kelly`s Heroes with head-swops and mods, mixed stowage.

A couple more vehicles for my motorised infantry company (probably the last I needed)

Combat Miniatures Chevys with mixed crews & added stowage
Company commander vehicle


  1. Richard - I really like the conversions here. The Senegalese figures really stand out - particularly the Hotchkiss gunner! Nicely done.

  2. Thanks, spent ages head-swopping and modifying the various figures, this is my fall-back "fun" project at the moment.