Thursday 23 August 2012

1st Kompanie, Tunisian Field battalion T3

Now I`ve never done western desert, so i don`t own any DAK. I did originally just think to use my late war NW Europe Germans to fight the various French and Yank forces in Tunisia. But as usual, my wargamers "head" took over and I`ve built a generic, reinforced rifle company out of spare figures. The change in colours has actually been quite pleasent, I doubt I`ll do anymore, but we all know how such vows are quickly forgotten :-)

3 x 10 figure rifle platoons, each with an MG34 team.
Mix of odd figures, mostly Italeri plastic DAK, but also figures by - Airfix (including a mountian trooper), Esci, SHQ and Elhiem (Luftwaffe Filed Division) with several minor conversions among them and finally a Combat Miniatures Handskar trooper (with a head-swop).
Support weapons
A mix of Matchbox and Italeri figures, except for the MG loader who was a CP Models Pole (head-swopped)! 

Signal officer - Airfix (hard plastic), pioneer - CP Models (Ex-British Commando with head-swop), officer - Italeri (in wrong group)

signaller/runner - CP Models (ex-Pole, head-swopped), Elhiem (Luftwaffe Field Division), CP Models (ex-British commando), SHQ

FOO team
CP Models (ex-Pole, head-swopped), SHQ


  1. Good stuff Richard. Your output (and focus) shames me!

  2. Cheers Steve

    Output is way down this year, don`t really need much extra or new stuff for the serise of games we`ve been running - I`ve actually played 10 wargames this year (must be a record).

    Hopefully the first Tunisia game will get played next week.