Monday 3 December 2012

Bits`n bobs

Awaiting the last few vehicles off Ready to Roll to finish off my Italians. So whilst mooching about I finished off a few bits -

1990s Spanish BMR600 from S&S

D-1 you`ve already seen, but D-2 is new.
Again i built the external stowage rack - I saw a picture of a vehicle Bosnia with a bright blue cooler on its rack and just had to steal the idea:D 

Brand spanking new Swimwagon from Lewis at Minimi, lovely little one-piece casting.
I added the crew, the driver is SHQ, the two rear passengers came from the Matchbox Sdkfz11/Pak40 kit


  1. Very nicely done, especially the Schwimmy :)

  2. Trust you to like the "boat" David :-)

    Smashing little model, I was quite impressed with the details.