Monday, 10 December 2012

SOTCW Journal #77 has arrived!

SOTCW (Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers) Journal issue 77 is now out.

Dropped through my door within the last hour –

In this new issue you will find –
Breaking the Stalin Line – Eastern Front divisional level game for Spearhead rules
The Missiles of Cyprus – a fictional modern Greek Vs Turk naval clash
Skofalots Challenge – WW1 Eastern Front
Operation peace in Galilee – first part of a mini campaign for TW&T rules
El Jermia – Algeria 1958
Passchendale – Third battle of Ypres 1917
The Supply Convoy – a real incident in Iraq set up for tabletop
Stonne 1940
Wetlet – Far East 1945

There`s also the following articles –
Modern armour/gun adaptations for RF2
A walk through of the military museums near St Petersburg
Unusual and odd military developments in the early C20th
An in depth review of IABSM V3

You also get all the usual review columns, letters and Rob`s Rearguard!

This issue is the first of the new sub period 13, I`d like to apologies for the delay between J76 and this issue caused mainly by a slow uptake of the re-sub. Hopefully now we`re off, the rest of the sub will run more smoothly.

I`d like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue.

Richard Baber (editor)

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