Wednesday, 16 October 2013

28mm Riff War

As some of you may remember I bought a huge box of 400+ 28mm figures for my pet period directly off the sculptor. Now the plan eventually is to break it up into batches and sell most on Ebay, but life has been pretty busy and as yet I haven`t got around to it!

Now over on The Guild forum, they run "group builds", the idea being members of the forum build/paint to a theme and post photos, a community type thing, I always try to participate.

The new "build" is - "Friend and Foe" you had to do both sides, so I took the opportunity to paint up a few more of this huge box.

Spanish Leginonnaires
The figures are sculpted in the standard 1924 period uniform, but a mix of jacket or shirt; all wear the British "Mills" webbing. Some troopers have button up trousers, others puttees; there is also a mix of headgear - Chambrego (floppy sun hat) or Isalbelino (side cap with tassel).

 I like the mounted trooper

The Berbers all wear traditional Djelabah, some have Muslim prayer caps. I`ve given these the green turban (rexa) of Abd el Krim's elite Regulares, except for the Hotchkiss gunner who wears a black one to signify hes a gunner.


  1. Great Work Richard- really like the Spanish Civil war- a Friend here has it in 20mm for his games - Your 28mm Figs look super- just right for a Skirmish Game. Regards. KEV.

  2. Mostly i only do 20mm myself, a scale which works for skirmish and platoon/company/battalion level games.

    But for this one period I have a 28mm skirmish set-up.

    Riff War has been my pet period for several years now :-)

  3. Nice job. Need to see some AARs from your Riff War publication you did through Rich. Very cool.

  4. Cheers Chris

    Haven`t managed to get a single game this year, life has just been too busy. :-(

  5. I know you are a 20mm man at heart but these 28mm figures are really special - are you sure you want to sell the figures? 400+ 28mm on the table would look pretty spectacular

  6. Storage and transportation will be a bitch though :-)

  7. Very interesting, Richard! I do 28mm BoB and RCW, although 20mm always interests me. What manufacturer do you use in 20mm? Thanks - Hal

  8. For this period my armies are vast and wide (similar to my mexican stuff)

    If you follow this link (cut and paste into your browser)
    You can scrole down through only the Rif War, posts and see where I got the figures from :)