Thursday, 14 November 2013

10th Panzer Division - the plan

Now we play our games using a time-served version of Charles Grant's wonderful "Battle" rules.

As I`ve stated earlier over the years I modified Mr Grant's orbats to create a more historical look and feel:

A rifle platoon has 10-12 figures

3 platoons + a small HQ (3-6 figures) = company

3 companies + a support weapons coy + HQ company = a battalion

This is a surprisingly flexible system, allowing us to play 1 : 1 skirmish and platoon/company level games with the same figures.

Now we`re playing (or would be if there was time) games set during the Tunisian Campaign and a major Axis element was 10th PD. Obviously I don`t need to build the entire thing, but will need to organise a Kampfgruppe or two.

Now the major elements I want to create are -

I Bataillon, Panzer Regiment 7
Kradschutzen-Bataillon 10
II Bataillon Panzergrenadier Regiment 69
Panzerjager Abteilung 90
Panzer Pioneer Bataillon 49

I/Panzer Regiment 7
This will have -
HQ coy ( Panzer III L, Panzer III command tank, Panzer II, Sdkfz 252 w/trailer)

Plus various platoons of  Pz. III & Pz. IV

I have enough Panzer IIIs and IVs to allow me some flexibility and field several platoons on tabletop.

Schweer Panzer Abteilung 501 was folded into Panzer Regiment 7 eventually, I`ve decided on just a composite unit -
1 x Tiger I
1 x Panzer IIIN (with short 75mm) 

Kradschutzen Bataillon 10
Now this will be a composite unit -
HQ Sdkfz223 radio car, kublewagon & staff
A/C unit with - 2 x sdkfz222, 1 x Sdkfz232
Motorcycle unit with - 2 infantry platoons with M/C combinations
Armoured unit with - 1 x infantry platoon in Sdkfz250 halftracks
Support unit - Pak38 + tow, IG18 + tow, Pioneer plt with truck

II Battalion, 69PG
Composite unit -
HQ with - Sdkfz250/3, Kubelwagon
PG company with - 3 x Sdkfz 251, 1 x Sdkfz 251/10, 1 x Sdkfz 251/2 mitt Wurfrahmen rocket launcher 

Panzerjager Abteilung 90
Composite batterie -
1 x Pak40 + tow, 1 x Marder III (76.2r), Sdkfz10/4 (SP 20mm)

Panzer Pioneer Bataillon 49
1 x pioneer platoon & Sdkfz 251/7

Herres-Flak Abteilung 302
Composite batterie -
1 x `88 + tow, 2 x 20mm


  1. I still have my copy of Battle. It was my introduction to miniature wargames, and I really appreciated the fact that the book explains the reasoning behind the rules. I haven't used those rules for years, but I like knowing that they are still being used somewhere :)

  2. Over the yrs I`ve tried dozens of different sets, but never got hooked on any of them. This was the first real set of rules I ever read - they make sense, don`t try to be over-clever and seem to work.
    They are my rules of choice 1900 - 1960 :-)