Thursday, 14 November 2013

Odds`n sods Germans

Spent a week or so sorting through various drawers, trays and boxes and came up with a selection of odd Germans and Handschar left over from batches. To clear the decks I spent a while head-swopping and doing minor conversions. The result is nearly two platoons to add to my 10th Panzer project and a few additional Volksgrenadiers too.

Descriptions L-R

3 - Combat Miniatures Handschar with Raventhorpe heads, the NCO is also Combat Miniatures but from one of their tank rider packs

AB Figures tank rider, Italeri plastic MG34

Combat Miniature Handschar (Raventhorpe head), SHQ, Britannia tanker (Raventhorpe head) & Elheim

 2 - Elheim, SHQ, Britannia

2 more Handschar, Elheim

Elheim MMG team in smock and field cap

Elheim SS in early smock

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