Saturday 11 January 2014

First additions of 2014

Well here we go, first pieces for a new year. Still working on my Tunisian Germans.

Trailer for a 37mm AA gun (model by Milicast)
 Pictured here with the Britannia model I did early last year
Finishing off my composite battery of Heers Flak Abteilung 302
"A" gun - Zvezda 20mm & crew, Matchbox Krump, Trailer by AB Figures

 "B" gun - Gun by AB Figures, mixed crew (Zvezda, Alby & MMS)

 The whole group with additional figures (MMS officer, Ammo porter by S&S)
Support Kompanie II Battalion, 69th Panzer Grenadier Regiment
Milicast Sdkfz 251/9C (officer by Alby, crewman SHQ)

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