Saturday 25 January 2014

Crusade 2014

Had a smashing day off ( a very rare occasion)
It was very nice to browse stalls and chat about toys and the SOTCW with various members and traders (please forgive me if I miss anyone) Gary & Ellen [Sgts Mess], Paul & Ian [EWM/Shellhole Scenics], Mark Jackman [Combat Miniatures], Lewis [Minimi]; Andy Grubb; the guys from SHQ - all of these pirates took money out of my wallet in exchange for toys smile
Stuart, Paul & Shaun from The Escape Committee; Danny O`hara and finally Richard Clark [Toofatlardies]; I`m sure there were others I bothered too smile
I`m hopeless as this is the only show I attend, I`m too busy looking and talking to tak pictures, but i took a few -
The Escape Committee`s impressive 20mm city-scape, with government troops fighting insurgents.

Another fantastic 20mm game set during a border clash between Hungary & Czechoslovakia in 1936 (I`m sorry I didn`t make a note of who`s game this was) wonderful odd kit on display.

Richard Clark`s Chain of Command 28mm desert game using Perry`s figures


  1. Fingers crossed you get to another show before 2015!

  2. Unlikely, this was the only show I did in 2013 too :(

    It is a funny life running a guesthouse - 6.20 til 11pm, 7 days a week, roughly 50 weeks a year. Attending Crusade 2013 was the only day off I took between January 10th and December 23rd last year; can`t really see it being much different this year either - life eh!