Friday, 21 March 2014

Figure conversion

Head-swaps and other things

Part of my enjoyment in my hobby is looking beyond what is to what can be (sounds very touchy-feely that). I like odd projects, obscure conflicts, nations not usually the bread and butter of wargamers and so by that very thing is my hobby undone. If a period or country is unpopular or simply little known its not practical or economic for a figure or model designer to make. So being of the Airfix generation and a student of Featherstone, Wise, Grant and Sanders I`ve learned to become adaptable and flexible in my approach to building my armies.

A while back I bought a large job-lot of Platoon20 Egyptians/Syrians/Iraqis/PLO types among the mix of sculpts was about 20 of this Egyptian NCO with SMG -

Now with selective use of Raventhorpe's excellent spare heads and a change of paint-job I created these -
French Foreign Legion (indo-china)
 FFL in white Kepi
 Spanish 1990 mech infantry NCO, here I also swapped out the SMG for a G3
 Spanish 1990 mech infantry with H&K MP5
Spanish Tercio de Ifni (Spanish Sahara) late 1950s
This time I`ve used a Warrior Miniatures head with Isabelino cap plus the G3 (I`ll paint him up with the others of his unit when I have them all together as a batch)



  1. Nice Figure Conversions Richard - well done! Regards. KEV.

  2. Thanks Kev, I must have 3-500 hundred head-swapped or converted figures among my various "armies" its all part of the fun :-)