Thursday 18 December 2014


I needed a few bits of simple terrain for a game I`m hoping to run over the Christmas break, the basic idea has a train trapped at a coaling station by the effects of an air-raid. I immediately thought of the textured base you got with the Matchbox M16 AAA half-track. I happened to have several stashed about so tarted a couple up and also created a few small shell/bomb craters.

 I also built and painted up a set of resin buffers I bought from Captain Jack`s Locker


  1. Some of the Matchbox bases can be really useful. I remember one kit (might have been a Sherman, possibly the Firefly), which had part of a bridge. I used to use a pair of them as a destroyed bridge.

  2. Yes, I purposely went out and bought 2 Firefly kits just to get 2 halves of a broken bridge :-)

  3. I have the broken firefly bridge as well :-)

    The street with house fronts in the Char Bis+ FT17 set is also quite useful, as are the small ruins in the Hanomag and Jagdpanther sets.