Thursday 11 December 2014

Trip to Spain

Not posted for a while, real life got very busy and frankly I lost the painting bug. We've been talking about a house in Spain for several years now and to give me a break and a birthday present (I was 50 on December 5th), my darling sent me to Alicante to explore the region and look at houses. Whilst i was there i obviously looked for military stuff (as you do).

Castillo de Santa Barbara (Alicante)
Originally a Muslim fortress built around 711 AD, improved upon and built up until finally captured by the Castilian forces of Alfonso on December 4th 1248 (weirdly I first walked into the castle on December 4th too!!).
Later in 1691 it was bombarded from the sea by French ships and again in 1873.
In later years the castle was used as a prison including Republican prisoners at the end of the SCW.


Among the more interesting finds were these two M1922 Vickers 105mm guns, hidden up on a parapet close to the carpark?

Alicante has not one but two castles!
Castillo de San Fernado
Built in the early 1800s to defend against the French (which proved useless) this sits across the city from Castillo de Santa Barbara, now C19th castles aren't my thing, but I've seen a few over the years, to be honest time hasn't been kind to this one.

Behind the central market is Plaza 25 de Mayo
Down by the harbour is a statue to Spains armed forces

And finally this round-about is Plaza de Divisione Azul??
As hard as I looked I couldn`t find a plaque or anything........

After Alicante i travelled to Sax, where there was another castle
Whilst the base is Roman, the bulk of the fortification is Moorish 10-12th Century