Friday 17 April 2015

More 10th Panzer bits

Lost my painting mojo for February/March and most of April, I`m still not myself, but decided I had to force myself off my arse and get stuff done, heres the first attempts -

Another 251C for my 10th Panzer/Tunisia project, I`m not 100% sure whether this will join II/69 PG or become the second vehicles of 3/49th Panzer Pioneer?

Minimi 251C with added stowage, the crew are mostly SHQ

A couple of spare infantry (SHQ)
Medic and casualty (Elhiem)


  1. Well done, glad to have you back.


  2. Very nicely done. You could also add this to a reconaissance unit. What paints did you use for the vehicle itself?

  3. Jerry

    The only units in 10th Panzer with 251s were II Battalion 69th Panzergrenadier Regiment and 3rd Company 49th Panzer Pioneer Battalion; Kradschutzen-10 (the recce battalion) did have one company in armoured carriers (Sdkfz 250 types).

    Easy, simple paint job, undercoated with Bolt Action Dunkelgleb spray (pretty good IMHO) and then Vallejo - Buff (976) which I find gives a nice dusty yellow colour.

    All the best