Monday 13 April 2015

Spanish 1980/90s Nato force

Quite a while back Richard Crawley of the SOTCW started a 20mm participation game project based in the fictional country of Andrevia. Now I don`t do moderns much and didn`t have anything suitable to take part so build a small NATO element, to be different I decided to choose Spanish.

For troops I mixed and matched any wearing fatigues and M-1 pot helmets armed with a mixture of G-3 or MG3 LMGs 
 Platoon20 Yanks (I swapped the M60 for a MG3)
 M113 & M106 mortar carrier (both Esci kits) I added the MG3 to the mortar carrier
 Soldats - Elhiem (Iraqi), converted Platoon20 Egyptian (head swapped, added MP5)
 Another converted Platoon20 Egyptian (again head swapped, this time with G3), Elhiem West German 
 Elheim West Germans
 The soldats above with another M113 (Airfix)
 same figures witha NATO Jeep (repainted die cast toy)
 S&S Models resin BMR600 APC with added stowage rack
 VAMTAC (Spanish Hummer copy) repainted die cast toy
 Elheim West Germans, the last two converted to Ca90 LAW operators
 Same figures with VAMTAC
 More Elheim Germans
 S&S Models resin M557 command vehicle and AML60
 Britannia Miniatures British 1980s RTO converted to Spanish with a head swap and minor additions
 My second S&S BMR600 alongside the first 
 M60A3s (Esci, Revell and S&S)
ACE Models AML60 with a commander by Liberation Miniatures