Wednesday, 15 July 2015

European graveyard

European Graveyard

I`ve been planing this for quite a while, slowly gathering the various bits and working our "how to"
The walls are S&S, except for the front pieces with the railings, which are plastic and came out of a bag of "plastic army men" my boys had years back (now discarded) - I kept some of the "terrain bits".
The church gate is one of those laser cut mdf models/puzzles bought on Ebay
The grave markers are by Blotz Terrain, the tombs and grave are from Sgt`s Mess
The gravel path and grass are both made using model railway mats

 I couldn`t resist playing with the camera and creating some sepia/period type photos using some of my 2Dble vehicles and command unit 


  1. Very interesting idea well done.

  2. Thanks guys, part of my overall attempt to make our table more interesting :)

  3. Very nice graveyard and photos, well done!

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