Wednesday 15 July 2015

Various terrain bits

Vac-u-form gun emplacement (maybe Bellona?)
Based and sanded, I added the various brush and bits, i built the ammo storage roof out of bits of corrugated iron from a pack of debris by Sgt`s Mess
 Shell hit marker
Resin piece from Frontline
 vac-u-form mortar pit (again maybe Bellona?)
 Small urban shell craters 
Made from bits of old Matchbox diorama bases 
 Large shell craters
Old Queens Hussar range (resin)


  1. Could I ask...what did you use to stick the bellona mouldings to whatever you've based them on? I've carted round two aircraft dispersal bays for 40 years and it's maybe time a I made some use of them!

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  3. It depended on the piece, if it had a flat underside I used superglue, if not - copious really thick white hobby glue (the stuff you use for wood). I also plastered around the edges to blend them into the base.