Wednesday 3 February 2016

Spanish terrain

Spanish Style Wargames terrain

I was recently inspired by the posts of fellow SOTCW member Carl Luxford over on the society forum who posted photos of some buildings by Hovels. Now I haven`t bought anything from them in years, but his images did tempt me to visit their website. To be honest I was a little disappointed that they do not seem to have added much to their range over recent years. Anyway they do do several ranges which cross periods of my interest and I wanted some terrain to take out to Spain to start building on what we have out there, so I ordered a few pieces. As usual these would suit multiple eras that I game - Rif War, SCW, Mexican Revolution and even Tunisia.

Arched stone bridge
Beute M3 just for scale

Two storried Spanish house with archway
Combat Miniatures Boxer Rebellion Japanese for scale 

Village fountain
Again Japanese for scale 

Roadside Shrine
Again Japanese for scale
I`ve also tried out some "tufts" from Shellhole Scenics on this base 


  1. Useful bit and pieces you have there. Like the fountain. As you say these would add to a good number of periods and scenarios.

  2. I do try and use and re-use terrain. These are going to Spain later in the year to add to our growing set-up out there.