Saturday 27 February 2016

Workshop kompanie, schwere Panzer-Abteilung 501

Workshop kompanie, Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 501

I find these days I enjoy my modelling as much as I ever did, but it no longer matters if the model or unit I build ever sees a tabletop. Over the last few years I`ve built several one-off models based on photos so here are a few more.

I like supply and rear echelon units, I`ve not really built many workshop units, but when i saw these photos - why not.

 I know this is a Horch, but I didn`t have one.............

 Mercedes Kfz15 with AA machine guns (Raventhorpe) with trailer (also Raventhorpe)
 I slightly modified the car and changed the MGs for nicer ones from Sgt`s Mess
 Mixed crew - AB Figures, S&S and MMS (head swopped)
Note the 501st unit symbol on the front mud guard.
Loads of added stowage

 Matchbox M16 chassis (modified with Fujimi parts)
Again 501st symbol on door

 Mixed crew - AB Figures, S&S and various plastics
 Airfix "Ben Hur" trailer (modified)
Loads of mixed stowage

My complete unit with Tiger 112 and a Panzer IIIM


  1. Thanks, I have personnel still to paint and have just ordered an 18 ton recovery half-track to finish off.

  2. Really nice- always enjoy your photo inspired models.