Saturday, 27 August 2016



Now I`ll admit mostly in our games boats are just terrain, I don`t really do naval.
We have done a couple of naval landing games and also some based around a coastal town, so docks and of course boats are part of the background and scenery.

As I`m pottering about at the moment with most of my WIP buried in storage whilst we are decorating. I came across a few pieces of a nautical nature and have done them together in a batch.

All figures just to show scale

Dump Barge

Resin piece by Anyscale Models, 
I build a crude sabot load our of plastic off cuts, so it can be loaded or unloaded. 


Life boat 
Anyscale Models
I thought this would provide a bit of cover on a dock or beach

Small unpowered Caique
Sgt`s Mess

Larger unpowered Dhow
Sgt`s Mess

Both boats together (to show size)


  1. A nice collection there- I'm getting to be quite a fan of the Anyscale model stuff: good quality and affordable.



  2. I am desperately trying yo improve "the look" of our games, companies like this are helping that effort.

  3. "harbor clutter" I`ve heard it described as.

  4. Ah you and yer boats, done any oldhow ...