Thursday 25 August 2016


About a weeks work

With most of my gear now living in Spain I am left with WIP and stuff bought for "that rainy day" :-)

I have finally based up that Hovels large factory I painted a few weeks back, I`ve used some rubble from Queens Hussar (now available from Lancer Miniatures I think?) and a piece from a Matchbox diorama base plus filler. You can see from the photos how it will fit into the road/tramway piece I did last week. Spanish Mech. Infantry and S&S Models BMR600 just for scale.

Fuel dump from Anyscale Models
Resin piece mounted on an old CD

 Coal bunkers by Anyscale Models


  1. I like the fuel dump. the cammo paint is stuff.

  2. Very kind - playing about really :)

    The company has some nice stuff and reasonably priced :)

  3. Great work- can't go wrong with a Hovels building imo- I have loads of them. Nice to see someone else using old Matchbox bit too.



  4. Very impressive buildings, storage has always been my main concern, now with the house in Spain - not so much :)

    As for the Matchbox bits, i have bins of "bits" awaiting their turn for me to build something or other :)