Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Railway embankment and track

Railway Embankment and Track

Something I`ve been planning for ages, mounting track on a board base to represent a railway embankment. This will represent a linear obstacle in our games.

What you see here is roughly 2 metres of track
The track is either normal model railways oo gauge metal track (the long lengths) or 190mm resin sections from Hobbyden, there is also an odd piece from the old Matchbox M16 kit diorama base.
All figures and vehicle just for scale 

Crossing point

Cratered section

Piece of Vac-U-Form road with tramlines based to the same height as the rail line - the plan being to make this part of an industrial area or station?


  1. Great stuff Richard. Looks great based up- certainly better than my loose stuff.



  2. It was the Hobbyden resin pieces that caused this change of direction. It maybe a bit of a pain to store, but I think the look is better.

  3. Great looking pictures, beautiful tracks!

  4. Thanks guys, comments much appreciated :)