Thursday, 11 August 2016

SCW Milicianas

SCW Milicianas

I have nice busy, productive week :)

These are the third platoon of girlies for my Republican Militia Battalion, I will probably still keep it to just one platoon per company rather than create a full female only company.

These started this morning based and undercoated.

10 various  Milicianas 
7 from Minairons, one Platoon20 modern (slightly altered), One Irregular Miniatures Arab (slightly altered) and a PSC Russian medic

Minairons ambulance driver + another PSC medic 
My Minairons ambulance is already in Spain so I used the WMD to allow you to see what its meant to look like

Another pic of my Minairons Ambulance to remind us what it looked like

All 12 figures together


  1. Look good Rich, ready to people the barricades and throw back the Nationalists.


  2. Cheers Neil
    We`ve only had one game so far and the Carlists proved too weak to push the militias aside - larger games planned :)