Thursday 30 March 2017

Mexican air power

Mexican Revolution era aircraft

Another long term project finally done :)

Another aspect of the Mexican Revolutionary conflict which I can add to our tabletop :)

This started out as a WW1 era Avro "pusher" which John (Bannockburn Boy) over on the SOTCW forum was kind enough to pass on to me a year or so ago - cheers John :)

The Various "armies" used all sorts of odd planes bought from anyone who was willing to sell, so I just made a generic early type and it is NOT meant to be a accurate model of a specific make/type. 

I cut-down the cab and replaced the wheels with skids, then repainted it a neutral sand/cloth colour and added bright "hand painted" Mexican colours. Then added a civilian pilot. 

Now all my flight stands are already in Spain you forgive the crap pics.


  1. That is great- though I wouldn't fancy piloting it.



  2. Has to be said their pilots - European & Yank mercenaries plus ultra brave Mexican novices had huge balls :)

  3. Cheers phil - a bit of fun :)