Thursday 9 March 2017

French colonial army

Bits and pieces from Early War Miniatures filling out holes in my various Coloniale units. I`ve hada  bit of fun painting these, playing with the uniforms and colouring. 

Senegalese in Chechia fez
Our Christmas game high-lighted some obvious gaps in my orbat so I added - a LMG team and a couple of VB grenade launchers, plus a grenade thrower and a sous-officer

Moroccan 7th Division
Mle37 50mm mortar team with sous-officer/spotter 

Artillery observer with periscope binoculars

Tirailleur captain wearing his parade kepi


  1. Lovely figures. In particular I like the parade kepi look.

  2. Espirt de corps :)

    Officers showing they have baraka adds to their leadership and the elan of their troops :)