Wednesday, 5 April 2017

US Armed Field Artillery battery

US Armed Field Artillery battery

I continue my attempts at refurbishing and updating my collection.

Honestly can`t remember when these last appeared on a table, must be over 15yrs.......

Repaired or re-built, stowed and repainted

Two Matchbox M7 Priests

Fujimi M30 cargo carrier

Battery command/radio 1/2track Airfix

Battery command group 
2 x Britannia & a plastic Hasawaga officer

The whole battery

FOO Jeep 
 Sktrex Jeep with added stowage & a Britannia crew

Dismounted FOO team 
2 x Revell plastics, 2 x Britannia


  1. Keep on working on the upgrades - I can't remember when my US M7s last appeared on a table top. My British desert ones did appear a few years back for an Alamein game

  2. Cheers Will, after a slow start I`m now back in the groove.