Wednesday 22 March 2017

British Support for Syria

British support for Syria

As I continue to research and design scenarios for Syria I keep coming across interesting and odd bit and pieces. It also occurred that the Anglo-Australians needed more support and some "specials" featured in games I want to run!

This is about a weeks work,

Marmon Herrington with 20mm Breda 

Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons)

SHQ kit with SHQ gunner and converted spotter


Chevy 30cwt with 20mm Breda AA 

2/3rd Lt. anti-aircraft Regt RAA

Raventhorpe truck and crew, Britannia Breda

Morris 15cwt with Bofors 37mm AT gun
2/2nd anti-tank Regt RAA

Raventhorpe truck, gun & crew


  1. Great work on those Portees Richard.



  2. Cheers Pete

    You know me can`t resist an odd SP gun :)

  3. You got some nice kit there. Love the A.C.

  4. Cheers mate :)

    Someone was kind enough to point out the AC crew wouldn`t be wearing their packs, but I couldn`t find an alternate crew that would fit into the small SHQ kit :)