Thursday, 10 August 2017

Gaming Inventory - general thoughts

 Gaming Inventory - general thoughts

I have been considering this task for quite sometime , truth being I`m a little scared to discover exactly what I have 😁

But now with the room in Spain i can actually get stuff out and count/sort/organise to my hearts content. 

The idea of the exercise is:
A. To find out more or less exactly what I have in each nationality for a given period  
B. To assess if there are any critical gaps in this or that orbat , that then must be purchased and painted
C. Once done I should be able to plan my next direction of build
D. This is really act of self congratulations over how much I`ve done

How and format

Set figures out in formation as per Grant`s rules and do a figure count (including support weapons and officers, RTOs etc) vehicles and towed guns, etc are to be listed as part of TO&E or as attachments.

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  1. It will be a big project- I'm glad I started mine when I did. I look forward to you sharing it with us.