Wednesday 23 August 2017

Inventory - Riffi/Berbers/Goumiers


A huge mix`n match group from various manufacturers - Blitz, Friend or Foe, Force20, Irregular, Bandera and other odds`n sods
These can fight against my Spanish and French during the Riff War, serve with the French as Goumier or with the Spanish as Regulares.

 65 foot (includes 6 LMG teams; 2 off 2-man Hotchkiss team; 80mm mortar team)
Single mtd scout

Various lowland Arabs 
10 camel mounted & 26 horse/mule mounted

French `75 with mixed Arab/Berber crew
 65mm mountain gun with Arab crew
 Vickers 2.95" + crew
 Lewis team + Hotchkiss team
 89 various Arabs/Bedouin/Pathans

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