Thursday, 29 March 2018

Kids playing wargames

Blast from the past

This morning Facebook (as it does) threw up images from the past as "memories".

These images this were of the lads playing wargames with Dad.

These first two are photos of a Rif War game, a blockhouse re-supply
Chris was 8 and Alex 11

This last photo actually appeared in Henry Hyde`s Battlegames – Tabletop Teasers Vol1
I would guess the guys are a few years older



  1. Great to see the next generation at it- how old were they when you started them gaming?



  2. About 6yrs I think? Alex certainly attended his first show about then. The top two photos may actually be of Chris` first ever proper game?? The nice thing at least for me is that they still want to play, so we have or games room in Spain and try a get a game in as and when we have time.

    Alex is a regular 40K player in university and also plays D&D (now that takes me back) :)