Tuesday 13 March 2018

re-purposed trucks

Re-purposed trucks

Some years back (20+) when I was too fussy about what vehicles go with whom (I know amazing isn`t it) I bought a set of "Yesteryear" trucks from Lledo. They were US Army between the wars stuff and at the time ended up in the rear echelon of my US force. They have sat in a drawer now for many years awaiting the day when I found a more suitable use for them. This last weekend I found myself at a loose end so dug them out and gave them all a re-paint, the plan is to make them more useful.

Studabaker Van & Ford AA truck
My thoughts are the van can be a civilian vehicles (street furniture) or one of many taken into military service.
I gave the truck a general military colour, so it can serve with the French, Spanish or even Germans as a transport vehicle.
 Ford AA crane
Gave this one a total re-paint then roughly weathered it to look like a hard-worked civilian vehicle. My thoughts are this will make an interesting visual addition to an industrial, railway or dock battlefield.



  1. Nice- I always find a certain satisfaction in repainting old diecasts.



  2. Funny isn`t how just messing about can be quite fun and relaxing at times :)