Friday, 20 April 2018

US naval crew

US naval crew

I have the idea of re-running the Saafi game (Operation Torch) that we did a few years back on our much larger table in Spain. As part of the planning I decided to do a proper US crew for my Britannia trawler.

All Raventhorpe unless marked

Deck gun & crew
The gun is my own creation using the Raventhorpe 105mm short howitzer as the base.

 Britannia officer, Raventhorpe .30cal, old Skytrex officer

 Water-cooled .50cal

20mm Oerlikon & crew 

After trying these our on the ship, i decided the .30cal gunner wasn`t suitable, but would mount nicely in my Japanese landing barges (I know don`t ask). so when i got home i painted up the last two crew/guns, another .30cal plus another Oerlikon 


  1. Nice upgrades for any ship there Richard.



  2. Cheers Pete, the first time around i just used various Yanks in green :(