Friday, 20 April 2018

More late-war Germans

Clearing the decks

5 German cyclists (Raventhorpe)
These are to fill out gaps in my cycle recce companies, but also a couple of messengers for battalion HQs
 Panzershreck team 
The kneeling NCO is an Esci hard plastic (from the nebelwelfer kit), the gunner and loader are SHQ
5 marching figures
The guys in helmet are Esci hard plastics (as above), the guys in cap are Airfix mountain troops with arm swaps and added rifles

 5 combat poses
4 are SHQ, I don`t know who makes the kneeling LMG guy? 
 All together
A reinforced platoon under our rules


  1. Nice work. They'll be useful in all sorts of scenarios.



  2. I`m loathed to throw perfectly good figures away, so i just repainted the plastics to the newer standard :)

    I remember the first time I discovered those hard plastic esci figures, they were a wonder way back then (40yrs ago or so) :)