Saturday 17 November 2018

German flak

German flak

Two flak batteries under our rules

`88 hvy battery
Airfix guns with very mixed crew - 
Raventhopre, Esci, Britannia, EWM, plastic conversions, Elheim

 Airfix Sdkfz 7 
One of the `88s above set up in towing mode

 Ammo dump

All girl home defense crew
OOP Battlefield Miniatures figures with a kneeling Britannia guy making up the numbers

Light battery
Zvesda 20mm (I added ammo cans to the base, the gun commander is old Matchbox)

S&S 20mm (again i based is and added ammo cans, the crew is the SHQ DAK one with head-swaps) 

With trailer
Quad 20mm 
(gun and most of the crew are SHQ, the gun captain is Italeri, I based the whole thing and added bits to make it look a bit more alive)  

 Light battery all together


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