Saturday, 1 June 2019

Mexican Revolution inventory 2 - Villaistas

Mexican Revolution inventory 2 - Villaistas 

Obviously, these don`t need to be supporters of Villa, they can be bandits or just irregular troops fighting for or against the Federals

Again a huge mix of manufacturers:
Raventhorpe, Jacklex, Irregular, Shellhole Scenics, EWM. Elheim plus various plastics and minor conversions & head swaps

 25 cavalry
50 infantry
22 Soldaderas
13 Yaqui
Villa & staff (11 figures plus a mule and horse)
A French `75 with 6 horse limber and crew
A mountain gun + 3 crew
A 37mm Hotchkiss pom pom + 2 horse limber + crew
A Colt MG w/crew
16 various civilians and clergy + a mule and bull
 50 infantry
 Villa and staff
 Irregular cavalry

Now when I started this project, no one did Mexican soldaderas (girl soldiers), let`s be honest very few armed female figures were available at all! So I was forced to improvise, converting resistance and SCW Milicianas to the desired look. Later Minairons released a box of milicianas and I was able to convert another unit; Now ERM also do girls with guns, so anyone new into this period has it a little easier :) 
Anyway whilst photographing the figures I thought I`d try to show what i did. 
 L-R Minairons (with head swap), Minairons (skirt of plasterscene), Warrior Miniatures resistance fighter (skirt of plasterscene), Warrior SCW Miliciana (Raventhorpe head, long hair of plasterscene)
 L-R Warrior resistance fighter (as above) with skirt and long hair of plasterscene, Minairons (SMG pruned away, replaced by rifle), Minairons (untouched), Minairons (head swap)
  L-R Minairons (head swap), EWM (untouched), Minairons (head swap), Irregular (untouched) 
Finally two versions of the Warrior SCW miliciana shown above, the one on the left has a head swap from a civilian refugee figure


  1. Great work. These figures are very inspiring. Many of these in sombrero or female fighters have found their way into my fictional (they never got armed in reality) Andalucian Spanish Civil War "Republican" resistance. Inspiring how a period can be brought to life with some hard work and imaginative use of figures. Carl

    1. finding and creating Soldateras was difficult in the begining until Minairons brought our theirs. I ended up buying two boxes and head-swapping to create these, the rest went into my SCW Republican militia (figures using any military head gear). There are photos on here in the SCW section.