Sunday, 2 June 2019

Mexican Revolution Inventory pt3 - Pershing`s Yanks

Mexican Revolution Inventory pt3 - Pershing`s Yanks

My initial plan was to create a three-sided game: Federals/Villaistas/Americans
But as the project has grown, I will probably be forced to fight one against another - Federals vs Villa OR Colorados vs Madero OR Villaistas/bandits vs US forces and of course the Federals also fought the Yanks also in a couple of historic engagements too so the choices are quite wide.

For those of you old enough to remember I wrote an article of Pershing`s expedition into Mexico after Pancho Villa for The Journal (later published by Miniature Wargames too).
The period is fascinating from an American military standpoint as this was the first time they tried motorised transport and air reconnaissance. During one of the actions was also the first time US troops advanced supported by machine guns too.

A mix of figures and manufacturers: IT Miniatures (now available through Frontline), Tumbling Dice, EWM, Jacklex plus a few Airfix plastics

My entire expeditionary force
60 infantry
25 mtd cavalry, 19 foot cavalry - all painted as 9th Cavalry (colored)
A 7.7mm Ehrhardt field gun with 6 horse limber and crew
Platoon from the Provisional Motorcycle company with: 2 bikes and one motorcycle combination w/MG 
Provisional machinegun company with: 3 x 2-man LMGs + Colt MG w/3 crew
Elements of Cannon Company 6th Infantry: 2.75" Vickers-maxim gun + 4 crew, 2 mules, 2 ammo bearers
Supply company with: heavy truck, Ford Model T car plus crews
HQ: Mtd Colonel, 4 officers, standard  
2 companies of 6th Infantry Regiment
2 dismounted troops of 9th Cavalry (colored)
2 mounted troops plus squadron HQ of 9th cavalry (colored)
force commander plus staff
Motor transport unit
The truck is from Irregular Miniatures (WW1 truck), the Model T is EWM
Platoon of the Provisional M/C Company
Models from EWM
Machine gun Company 6th Infantry
"A" gun, 1st battery 6th Artillery Regiment
By Jacklex

Cannon Company 6th infantry
Gun by David Reasoner


  1. Lovely collection of figures with historical focus on small wars! (Not so small really!) Carl

  2. Thanks

    I always have to field both sides of any game, so end up planning for all options - this is my fun, relax project :)