Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Re-painted buildings

Repainted buildings

I`ve had real trouble working up the enthusiasm to paint of model  

Anyway i`ve been writing a bit and have converted a Crossfire scenario more to the scale I prefer to play set in Sicily in `43. So i decided to re-paint these buildings by Shaun and Stuart of S&S Models to a more suitable Sicilain colour scheme.

This adobe building is also S&S

This one is scratch built from bits`n bobs, the building was a plastic block I found in the street


  1. I too have lost the mojo to build models or paint figs,This is what i do then, build terrain.It will return.looking forward to the next AAR.

  2. Thanks, I`m not very good at terrain (or other modeling/painting really). The scenario is written, I just need to set it up and have the time to play. It occurred to me the actaul set-up would play well as a SCW or even Mexican Revolution game too, so i may get a few game out of one layout.

  3. Painting buildings can be a drag can't it? These were well worth the wait/effort; they look great!
    Regards, James

    1. Thank you. These S&S buildings are very good, I originally painted them in darker colours - which wouldn`t have looked right for Sicily/Italy or even Spain :) They look more the part now