Thursday 7 September 2023

Ruined building

Ruined building

A few months back that nice man Don Mchugh bought some of Rob Rowell & the much missed, late, great John Dowman`s old Byzantium Models buildings at a tabletop sale, now these buildings come with bases which he didn`t need so passed them along to me.

The ruin itself is a truly ancient resin piece from Village Green - at least 35 yrs old 😮

I affixed it to the base, filled in all the gaps, then gave everything a quick paint job. 

The added rubble is from Juweela which I bought a couple of years back during an online sale. 

A few images with figures for scale


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Carl pretty pleased how this one came out, my first attempt using the rubble - came out OK I think :)

  2. Indeed, great rubble effect, Richard! CarlL

    1. I`m pretty pleased with how it looks, I also used clear spray varnish for the first time to bind everything together.