Monday 12 November 2012

Italians for Tunisia 3

One of the things about a new project, allows me to try different manufacturers. also I can look through my boxes and dig out odd figures to use. :cool:

Dixons, nice figures except theres something very odd about their standing poses, the kneeling and prone guys are quite nice, but the standing ones are far too small (short), they look very odd next to Reiver and SHQ. :/ 

Dixons LMG team and prone rifleman, the guy firing was a Jap from EWM (he now has a Reiver Italian head)
Dixons standing and kneeling poses
Two plastic officers (from Bannockburn Boy) one hasa Raventhorpe head
More EWM Japs with Reiver heads (waste not want not :lol:)
Sniper (a plastic Turk with a Reiver head)

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