Saturday 24 November 2012

Italians for Tunisia 5

This is the last batch of the various infantry/gunners figures I bought for this project. Now these are done, I have a usable and effective unit for our games.
LMG teams (Reiver and Kellys Heroes)
Various Reiver infantry including an officer, some NCOs and a moving LMG team


  1. a good looking unit. i like the running officer with the pistol.looking forward too seeing them in action.

  2. Thank you, coming along nicely.

    Spend yesterday assembling, cleaning and undercoating the various trucks, Semovente and M41 tanks. I even managed to apply some of the first paint coats to some of them last night too. Will post when done.

  3. Richard - a superb blog and one I enjoy, may I present you with a Liebster award, details below