Saturday 8 June 2013

Humber Mk2 Armoured Car

Humber Mk2

Another Hasawaga kit bought off Will Macnally, renovated and painted up with a Airfix commander

I`ve added a decal for 6th Armoured Div. This vehicle will represent one from 1st Derbyshire Yeomanry (though to be honest i doubt they had Mk2s, probably Mk3s and Daimlers).
I couldn`t paint the green over blue square with the 44 on it for the 6th Divisions Recce Regiment.


  1. Slow down I can't keep up

    I'll have a look in my decals box to see if I can find a green/blue 44 for you, Otherwise try Doms decals, they may be 15mm but they look OK on the smaller vehicles


  2. Cheers Will, I`ll check Dom`s website later