Friday 7 June 2013

Tiger I, number 112, 1/Schwere Panzer Abteilung 501

Loosely based on various photos of Tigers in Tunisia

Hasawaga model (bought of Wil Macnally in his recent sale), altered and repaired, then painted and decaled. The crewmen are from the bits box - a plastic tanker (Esci I think) and SHQ


  1. Looking superb Richard, you've done a grand job on it.

  2. Cheers will.

    It was a bitch cutting out the late turret roof and then replacing it.

    Also your mate had assembled the mudguards upside-down, so I had to carefully remove them so i could turn them around....... lots of filling and fixing in both cases...

    Changing the road wheels was easy though.

    Came out rather nice, worth all the effort.

  3. John

    I`m rubbish at painting and I know it (but very kind of you :-)