Thursday, 8 September 2016

Nebelwelfer batterie plus friends

150mm Welfer battery 

Cobbled together from broken bits with a scratch crew
The barrels are some parts are from the old Esci set, but they were smashed to bits, so I build carriages from Pak36 AT guns and anything else i could dream up.

Britannia SS crew
 I`ve modified the legs to look like ankle boots

Britannia commander (modified as above) operator with firing box (an AB Figures tank rider who used to have an MG ammo can)

EWM halftrack crewman (modified as above + added rocket), PSC AT gunner with added rocket, Raventhorpe gunner/engineer with modified legs and added rocket

Two Raventhorpe gunners/engineers (one head swapped), pile of rockets and containers (Esci plastic)

A half squad of panzergrenadiers
FAA, Blitz (modified as above), 2 x Reiver (now available through Sgt`s Mess), FAA


  1. Nice job Richard. They are something lacking from my German collection.



  2. Cheers pete

    Crew are a real pain to source -
    Britannia do just 3 SS figures in smock but have marching boots?
    SHQ do a set of 4
    AB do a set of 4 in uniform and another 4 in panzer jacket (so you can`t mix the two sets).

    None do enough figures for a 2 gun battery - quite frustrating :(

  3. Cheers Paul :)

    Wont win any prizes, but looks fine at 4ft away across a tabletop.