Tuesday 27 September 2016

More terrain


I continue my plodding attempts at terrain modelling.
It occurred to me that the rail-line I build earlier would have to cross the river on our tabletop, so after much faffing about and planning I`ve knocked up a simple rail-bridge.

I`ve built the bridge in three parts for ease of storage and transport, the embankments are of polystyrene and plaster, the bridge deck is a resin piece by Anyscale Models, all the rail track is Hornby. All figures and vehicles are just for scale. 

A couple of shots of how it butts onto the pieces I already build.


Some shots with figures for scale

I also build another plowed field


  1. Very nice work on the bridge Richard.



  2. Cheers Pete

    Once it all gets to Spain, it should look pretty good :)