Thursday 22 September 2016



Clearing out drawers and sorting bits out led to a run of Yanks - just over a weeks worth all told.

2 platoons or armoured engineers (for the tracks I did earlier) plus a 4-figure HQ

HQ (3 x Lancashire Games, the guy at the back is an unknown US para (modified to look like a foot slogger) 

1st platoon

L-R SHQ Flamethrower, now i maybe wrong but I think the other two guys are special Battlefield Rangers now OOP? 

L-R SHQ w/Bangalore torpedo plus two more of those Rangers

L-R SHQ, Unknown US Marine?, 2 x plastic Revell US infantry 

2nd Platoon (includes an old Skytrex officer missing from the close-ups)

All three from Grubby Tanks

L-R Unknown US Marine?, Grubby tanks mine detector, Raventhorpe

L-R Grubby, Unknown?, Grubby

Infantry plus support

L-R Grubby (rifle grenadier), unknown US para w/BAR (modified), Grubby

L-R Grubby (rifle Grenadier), unknown US para rifleman (modified), Grubby US Marine (head swapped and modified)

L-R 3 more unknown US Marines (all slightly modified), Platoon20 early US infantry with Springfield (altered to look light a sniper rifle)

60mm mortar team - tube plus 2 crew from Grubby (one altered), the third guy is old Skytrex

57mm AT plus crew - all SHQ

.30cal MMg team - gun & gunner Raventhorpe, No2 altered Platoon20 early US infantryman 

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