Monday, 5 September 2016

Sandbag barricades

Sandbag Barricades

Another batch of battlefield clutter items finished off.

Mostly by Anyscale Models, except for the circular emplacement which i`m pretty sure is old Village Green.
Some of these I have based up adding various S&S Models crates, some of the un-based ones may well end up as part of ruined buildings which I`m going to refurbish over the coming months.
As usual all figures just for scale.


  1. Nice work. Exculding the ring is that the contents of one pack?



  2. No crates - those are S&S.

    3 of the straights come from another set (fuel depot)

    But all the rest - 4 straights, 4 corners and 4 ends come as one set - pretty good value IMHO :)

    I`m pretty sure i reviewed all this Anyscale Models in one lot for the magazine a while back?