Friday, 23 September 2016

Schwere Panzerabteilungen 501, Tunisia January 1943

Schwere Panzerabteilungen 501, Tunisia January 1943

All together in one place all based on photos

Kfz15 car with trailer and twin AA MGs
Raventhorpe white metal vehicle and trailer with a mixed crew and stowage
This represents the Panzer Pioneer platoon of the battalion

Captured M3 with Ben Hur trailer 
Used by the battalion as a maintenance vehicle 
Matchbox M16 chassis with Fujimi parts, modified Airfix trailer plus loads of added stowage and a mixed crew

Battalion on the move
Tiger 112 is a Hasawaga model, the Panzer IIIM is by Britannia

Sdkfz9 FAMO 18-ton half-track with Bilstein crane
Di-cast model, repainted with added stowage and driver

Sdkfz 251/8 ambulance
Fujimi 251 with S&S models canopy and added stowage


  1. Very kind - thank you ;)

    Not a serious wargames unit, a bit of fun really :)

    First I needed a Tiger for 501st battalion, then I decided to give them a Panzer IIIM (used by Tiger battalions as recce/support vehicles).

    Then I found photos of the captured US halftrack (my Tunisian Germans have 6 different ones all based on photos). Then a mate sent me a photo of the Panzer Pioneer KFZ15 and I saw that as a modelling challenge. Then I spotted a photo of the halftrack ambulance in a Signal book and decided to build it too and finally went the whole hog and bought/painted up a FAMO. I`m not sure if the whole lot will ever see a tabletop - but they were fun to build and look interesting.

  2. Some very nice pieces there Richard. The captured hald track is my favourite.