Thursday 6 October 2016

Another Airfix building

Another Airfix Building

Another part of the La Haye Sante set
Chopped up and damaged, I added joists and an partial upper floor, plus using a piece of the cut off wall I added a partial internal wall too. I then based the structure and added the rubble and scatter.

The roof section is removable
So is the upper floor

As I was digging through boxes looking for bits for this build I came across this railway buffer from Captain Jack`s Locker (a 2-part resin model), so I quickly painted it up and added some scatter to the base.


  1. Nice work again Richard. The La Haye Sante set is one of the few Airfix sets I've never had over the years.



  2. Cheers Pete - God knows how long this one has been sitting gathering dust :)