Sunday 30 October 2016

Wargaming in Spain (update)

Wargaming in Spain 

(October half-term 2016 update)

Another 40kgs of stuff transported to Spain, I`ve also started sorting out the various boxes and trays
Elements of 21st Panzer - Marder III H and a Sdkfz 247

69PG halftracks (10th Panzer)

  Elements of Schwere Panzerabteilungen 501
Panzer IIIM, Sdkfz 251/8 

Kradschultzen battalion-10 armoured cars & tracks

7th Panzer Regiment Panzer IIIs

7th Panzer Regiment Panzer IVs

HQ 1st battalion 7th Panzer Regiment

Beute M3 with French 25cm AA

 Stug IIIG, Marder II
Various Shermans

Free French half-tracks

M10s (again Free French markings) plus a Sherman ARV

1940s French supply column

Early Stuarts

US recce

Desert French vehicles

NWE Stugs

NWE 251Ds

NWE 251s plus a Marder IIIM

Various desert vehicles

Free French column

Free French SPs


M5 Stuart and US track

Aprox 19 full platoons of NWE Germans plus support 

for now my larger terrain stuff is stored in large banana boxes, eventually plastic storage boxes will be bought
Large pieces of desert terrain
Hills and buildings
More buildings

Fields and those Airfix buildings
weird French kit
Mixed vehicles
foliage and battlefield clutter
Railway stuff
Dock, cemetery, loads of terrain bits

Various Tunisian German guns
German Tunisian wheeled transport

Oil depot plus Adobe buildings and stuff 

French Church and other NWE buildings


  1. Cheers Will, only a small part to be honest, I am determined to do a proper inventory eventually - may prove shocking as to what I actually own :)