Saturday 15 September 2018

French additions

More French Additions

Horse tow for infantry guns/lt AT guns 
Both EWM, these can join any of my French units from 1920 to 1943    
Gun tow 
(I added the pick & shovel and sack to the horse tack)

This is the vehicle trailer, i scratched the tack together, the horse is Imex

You`ll have to imagine a towed gun and horse holders   

Peloton 4e Esc, 8e Motto de la Garde; Hir Moussa, Tunisia, January `43

Juin`s XIX Corps held it`s only mobile reserve at Hir Moussa, this included 4th squadron of the Garde. 
Now when i initially found this I assumed they were motorised, turned out they had bicycles - d`oh!    Now no-one does French motorised troops on bikes so I had to improvise.
Various EWM Danes and Frenchmen all head-swapped, some other minor alterations plus I`ve added stowage to the bikes, the loose bikes are Raventhorpe

All together

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